Topics and Speakers

Josh Adams

Creating Community within Your User Group

No one will ever become involved in your user group without some motivation to do so. You may have noticed that "content is king" when it comes to driving meeting attendance. But if you focus solely on content, you will never achieve consistency of attendance in your members because their attendance will always be tied to their perspective on the content. If you want consistency in your members' attendance, you have to build community within your UG. In this presentation, Josh Adams will talk about some of the methods the Atlanta ColdFusion User Group to build community.

Josh Adams is the Developer Evangelist for New Atlanta's BlueDragon family of CFML application server products. Josh presents on a regular basis at technical conferences and User Groups throughout North America. A past president of the Atlanta ColdFusion User Group, Josh is a strong advocate of all CFML developer community endeavors and is particularly passionate about local User Groups. Josh is also an active CFML developer both in his role at New Atlanta and in other endeavors.

Adam Bell

Riding the User Group Free-way

Learn about free methods to get your group out there.

Amy Brooks

Best Practices for Hosting Virtual UG Meetings via Acrobat Connect.

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Oğuz Demirkapı

Tools to Manage a User Group Efficiently

Communication is important, and we need to be more proactive in our communication to be more efficient. Tools are very important to create good communication in a group or individually. But what tools would be interesting specially for the user groups? What is the best way of collaborating? How can we improve our communication? Do we learn from other user groups to generate more efficient tools and environments?

I would like to share my experiences in these fields not only being an old CFUG manager, but also being an active person at open source user communities.

Michael Smith

How to get members involved

Are you the only person running your group? Would you like to get some members to help you? Learn how can you encourage members to get more involved and take some of the pressure off you, the group manager.

Michael has been running MDCFUG since 1998 with regular help from many members.

Eddie Sullivan

Case studies from the front lines

Ed's stories of some of the best things managers do to make their group high impact.