User Group Managers Meeting

Tuesday June 26, 2007 held the day before CFUnited 2007

We would like you to join us for a full day of pre-conference discussions about various topics.

Thumbnails of the Event

Ive attended the UG managers meeting the past couple of years. Not only do you pick up valuable ideas for how to run your group better, broaden its appeal and liven up the meetings, but you also get to hang with some of the quirkiest characters in the community. It takes some special qualities to be a UG manager and believe me, these folks are, um, special! If you are coming to CFUnited, you need to make space in your schedule for the UG managers meeting. -Bob Flynn

Come to the User Group Manager's Meeting!

  • Its a great way to make new friends.
  • Find new speakers.
  • Hear what others are doing.
  • What's changed over the past year
  • Learn Tips
    • How to promote your User Group
    • How to get your members to volunteer more often
    • How to expand membership
    • How to quickly grab an audience's attention


Maryland at the Bethesda North Marriott.